I thought I’d share some of my favorite beginner websites and videos for both shuttle and needle tatting. Both methods are worth trying out if you’re a new tatter; for many people, one will click more easily than the other. In the end, the resulting lace is the same.

Shuttle Tatting

  1. Marilee Rockley’s beginner shuttle tatting course on Craftsy. Marilee is an excellent teacher, and the Craftsy platform lets you watch the lessons over and over, and even ask the instructor questions. Once you have the basics down, you can take her second class, Next Steps in Shuttle Tatting.
  2. Georgia Seitz’s Online Beginning Shuttle Tatting Class (free on Youtube), which covers both basic and more advanced techniques.
  3. Georgia Seitz also runs a free online tatting course through her website, with guest instructors and lots of great support.
  4. Another free resource is the Tatted Treasures website’s Absolute Beginner Tatting Series videos. They will take you from winding a shuttle to blocking your finished piece.
  5. Finally, Karen Cabrera has an extensive collection of Tatting Tutorials on her website. Her videos have captions in both English and Spanish, and cover all kinds of techniques.

Needle Tatting

  1. Georgia Seitz also has a needle tatting series on Youtube: Online Beginning Needle Tatting Class, which covers both basic and more advanced techniques.
  2. Georgia also includes needle tatting in her free online tatting course.
  3. YouTube features some great needle tatting teachers:
    1. One Virtuous Woman has very good beginner tutorials on her channel. The link will take you to her beginner playlist, but she has many other projects in her video section.
    2. RustiKate also makes very clear tutorials for beginners. She covers the basics and gives some useful tips for keeping needle tatting firm and secure.
    3. Maria Papia is another favorite needle tatter of mine. She has both basic tutorial videos and videos showing longer projects like doilies.
    4. Finally, I’d like to recommend the series that begins with this video. It’s in Italian, but the examples are very clear and she has over 70 videos showing various techniques and projects. Just make sure you don’t try to make the projects in her two parody videos (but do watch them once you know enough to understand why they’re hilarious)!

I hope this helps any new tatters out there. The first few hours will be frustrating, but as soon as your chosen method clicks you will be on your way to creating beautiful lace with the simplest of tools.Once you have decided which method to try first, drop by our store to pick up shuttles, needles, thread, and learning kits!