Now that the tatted Christmas snowflakes and ornaments have been put away, it’s time to look for new seasonal patterns. For many tatters, the next shuttle- (or needle) worthy celebration is Valentine’s Day. So I thought I’d put together a handy little list of some of my favorite free and paid patterns for tatted hearts.

Tatted Heart Patterns

Books and Paid Patterns

Why pay for patterns when there are so many free ones online? Because it supports talented designers, many of whom also offer some of their patterns for free. Here are some favorites:

  1. Tatting Hearts, by Teri Dusenbury. This is a whole book of heart patterns, ranging in level from beginner to advanced. There are 12 patterns, with many diagrams and illustrations. The tatted heart in this post, called Regal Heart, is from Teri's book.
  2. Unfolding Heart, by Marilee Rockley. Marilee is one of my favorite teachers and designers, and her Etsy store has a great selection of books and individual patterns. Unfolding Heart is an intermediate pattern for 2 shuttles.
  3. The Heart Within, by Joelle Paulson. Joelle, like many designers, offers both free and paid patterns. Her paid patterns are well-written and photographed, and often include variations and instructions for special techniques. This heart pattern has 3 variations (so you get 4 patterns for the price), and an explanation of the “paperclip bead” technique.
  4. Tatted Heart Earrings, by Elizabeth Zipay. This pattern makes a beautiful pair of beaded earrings. It’s intermediate level, requiring the use of 2 shuttles.

Tatted Heart Patterns

Free PatternsThere are many, many free patterns out there. These are the ones I really like:

  1. Heart’s Desire, by Susan K. Fuller. This is the diagrammed version, courtesy of the talented Joelle Paulson (aka Frivole). My all-time favorite tatted heart pattern. It’s suitable for all levels of tatters: there are only basic rings and chains involved, but the changes in direction will keep the tatting interesting.
  2. Happy Heart, by Joelle Paulson. A lovely little heart, suitable for advanced beginners and up (it involves split rings).
  3. Valentine Heart Book Mark, by Janice Blair. A simple and elegant shuttle-and-ball pattern, suitable for beginners.
  4. Button and Beads Heart, by Mary Maynard. This is a fun project, using 3 buttons and a beaded border to make a very unique heart.
  5. Two Hearts as One, by Martha Ess. This one’s for the adventurous tatter: it involves 4 shuttles (or 2 shuttles and 2 balls of thread, although it’s easier with 4 shuttles) and techniques such as split rings, split chains, and self-closing mock rings (SCMR).

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Tatted Heart Patterns

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