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  • Should I Learn Needle Tatting or Shuttle Tatting?

    Which type of tatting is best? Easier? Which one should you learn? Well, why not learn both? While both shuttle and needle tatting produce the same look, their techniques are different enough to appeal for various reasons; moreover, there are definite advantages to learning both. Here are the differences between shuttle and needle tatting, plus potential pros and cons for each method.
  • Tatting Resources for Beginners

    I thought I’d share some of my favorite beginner websites and videos for both shuttle and needle tatting. Both methods are worth trying out if you’re a new tatter; for many people, one will click more easily than the other. In the end, the resulting lace is the same.
  • Tatting and Crochet Snowflake Patterns

    I thought I’d share some of my most often used patterns for tatting and thread crochet. These snowflakes come out soft and fluffy, and starch beautifully (I’ll include my favorite stiffening method at the end of the post).

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